OnTrack Business Coaching - Jeremy Hardern - EOS

Jeremy Hardern has 25 years of technology, operations, and business change experience gained in both private and public companies, and an entrepreneurial spirit that led to successful consulting engagements with several global brands.

However, Jeremy’s biggest entrepreneurial challenge came when he joined a visionary-led company 13 years ago.  Over the next 7 years, Jeremy occupied executive leadership seats in operations and technology.  The company expanded internationally, quadrupled in size, and achieved a successful exit for the founders.  But there were a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.  A few years after that, Jeremy was part of an entrepreneurial leadership team that used EOS to clarify their vision, gain traction, and improve organizational health.  Quite simply, EOS worked, and Jeremy was convinced that life with EOS is a lot more fun and a lot less painful than without it.

Jeremy’s real passion is to go beyond theory and help businesses succeed by putting practical and effective systems into place, and he believes that EOS is exactly that.  He is excited to share this system with business owners and leaders so they can grow as a team and take their company to the next level.

Originally from Scotland, Jeremy has traveled extensively for work and study, including experiences in London, the USA, France, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines, and India.  Jeremy is a Canadian citizen, resides in Vancouver, B.C., and has an MBA from Sauder School of Business.

EOS Worldwide Bio Page: www.eosworldwide.com/jeremy-hardern